Call for proposals for the CAP-CF international conference : Federalism, Inequalities and Redistribution

The Centre d’analyse politique: Constitution et fédéralisme is organizing a conference on Federalism, Inequality, and Redistribution in Montréal, Canada on April 19th and 20th 2023.

We are inviting doctoral students to the conference. Transportation to Montréal, the hotel and meals during the conference will be provided to up to three doctoral students. Interested students can submit a 250 words abstract to Olivier Jacques ( by January 15th 2023.

Paper must explore the relationship between federalism and income inequality.

We are interested in questions such as:

  • • Is there a trade-off between the autonomy of the constitutive units of a federation and income redistribution?
  • • Building on the perennial question about the relationship between federalism, decentralization, and the welfare state, is there a trade-off between inter-regional and inter-personal equality? Is inter-regional redistribution more successful in countries with lower inter-personal inequalities?
  • • How should we measure inter-regional redistribution?
  • • How can inter-regional inequalities best be reduced?
  • • What determines the public’s preferences regarding inter-regional redistribution and in turn, how do these preferences influence inter-regional inequalities?
  • • Is it easier to achieve high levels of redistribution in federations that are more homogenous culturally and economically?

We welcome contributions addressing these questions or other issues concerning federalism, inequality, and redistribution. Authors can present theoretical arguments, case studies, or comparisons of different jurisdictions with the method of their choice.

The conference is funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Secrétariat Québécois aux Relations Canadiennes.

Best regards,

Olivier Jacques, assistant professor, Université de Montréal

Alain Noël, professor, Université de Montréal


Call for proposal-Federalism and inequality

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