Taking Pluralism Seriously paraîtra aux Presses universitaires McGill-Queen’s

Taking Pluralism Seriously : Complex Societies under Scrutiny, nouvel ouvrage de Félix Mathieu, paraîtra dans quelques semaines aux Presses universitaires McGill-Queen’s dans la série Democracy, Diversity, and Citizenship, dirigée par Alain-G. Gagnon et Yasmeen Abu-Ladan.


In so-called post-factual societies, where public debates are undermined by their false or misleading premises, philosophers who have reflected on diversity and pluralism can offer a critical and clarifying perspective through which to evaluate the statements of politicians and the media.

Félix Mathieu offers a theoretical, empirical, and normative analysis of the debates surrounding the accommodation of ethnocultural and societal diversity in contemporary liberal democracies. With a close lens on Canada, he looks at case studies in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to test political leaders’ and analysts’ claims of successful accommodation and pluralism. Taking Pluralism Seriously provides a clear, fair, and helpful summary of the debate so far in order to understand the promises and pitfalls associated with theories of multiculturalism, interculturalism, federalism, and multinational democracy, investigating the conditions that might make it possible for different national communities to become fully empowered, politically and culturally.

Taking Pluralism Seriously invites readers to explore questions of pluralism and accommodation and proposes political reforms to meet the challenges arising from diversity, while considering some of the most pressing concerns complex societies are facing today.

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Félix Mathieu

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